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    In 1995 Next was created by two guys that had a hunch that the clothing market was changing but were clueless about what was happening. Blind perseverance led them to luck and birthed the concept that would later become Rule of Next. The name was simple - Next. It was a philosophy. They wanted to be what was “Next. “

    The influencers of that day, Russell Simmons, Shaquille O’Neal, Naughty by Nature, among others, embraced them. Their plan or lack thereof was starting to become a lifestyle. They were fortunate. At that time, few stores like them existed. The brands were looking for stores. Sorry, No Ecomm existed. The great brands and stores found each other. It was simple.

    Today Rule of Next is still that store that looks for “What’s Next." They might be a bit older, but still, they have the same burning desire with wisdom behind their sails. Their mission remains simple: to find What’s Next for their customers and deliver a great experience.

    Please enjoy your visit to the site or shop our stores. And feel free to tell us what you think.

    Enjoy. We do. Those 2 guys

    Robert / Steve