Delicious Kicks Part 1: Vans


We tried a little something different today and decided to take our latest summer 2011 sneakers, shoes and, yes, boots to one of Cleveland’s finest restaurants for a photo shoot. We are really thankful that the good folks at Parallax Restaurant | Lounge let us experiment with presenting Next’s newest kicks in the freshest way possible.

Most of the staff at Parallax and some of their customers were completely into the process. They were not shy to ask questions about what we were doing and commented how much they loved all the product picked out by Cleveland’s #1 shoe buyer: Steve Silver.

Delicious Kicks Part 1 Features the following Van’s 2011 Summer and Surf collection:

E Street (Purple and Blue Colorway)
Era “Stars & Stripes” (Should be Obvious)
Era Reissue NS CA color Dune (Herringbone)
Rata Vulc (Hemp Looking)

All are available at Next Beachwood.

More summer delights coming soon…

Photography by Jay Yoo

New! Vans: 109 Vulcanized, Era, and Authentic

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Next Coventry just received a new shipment of Vans. Whether you need a pair to skate in, or you just like the way they look they won’t stay on our shelves long. Also, if you do skate please explain to me how this little kid, in the video below, is so good. I feel like it shouldn’t be physically possible for someone that small to be that good.

From Out the Vault

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Two slick Vans from the Vault.